How to Buy the Glow Mask From ‘Shark Tank’ & Bring the Wonderful Korean Skincare Stateside


If there’s just one show on TV that captures my attention more than any other (aside from my favorite Seinfeld reruns – NO SOUP FOR YOU!) – and millions more around the world, if you’re going off the ratings this show gets every week – it has to be Shark Tank.

Based off the UK version of the show (known across the pound as Dragon’s Den), this is a show that just pulls you in from the word go. Perhaps it has to do with watching the American Dream become a reality each and every week, or maybe it’s because it lets me play businesswoman and investor without having to put any of my own skin in the game.

Maybe it’s just watching and undeserving and overly arrogant “entrepreneur” get their lunch served by Uncle Kevin, or Mark Cuban make someone’s dream become a reality in a single moment.

I don’t really know exactly what it is that sucks me so deeply into the vortex of Shark Tank so much as I know it happens – and I love it!

Some of my favorite moments on the show, however, are when I get exposed to an idea that I never would have thought of on my own but one that instantly seems relevant, useful, and maybe most importantly valuable. Many of these ideas end up happening in the beauty and skin care space, and I haven’t forgotten about any of the real game changers.

1. DR. EDNA’S BAREEASE ($18.00)

I’ll never forget watching anesthesiologist Edna Ma completely and totally transform my worldview on waxing in about 15 minutes, even though I had some pretty nasty experiences in the past. Even though she wasn’t able to strike a deal with the Sharks right then and there it looks like her company has gotten off to the right foot anyway.


The “half and half” Chapstick combination that forced Uncle Kevin and Barbara Corcoran to live in TV to really see if the product worked as advertised was another of my real favorites. Each person applies one half of the flavor on their own lips, and when they kiss the flavors come together to create something really special. What a wild idea!


Mark Cuban was head over heels with this deal almost from the moment that he saw it, and that’s how I knew it was going to be a game changer right off the bat. As someone that has dealt with eczema in the past, the Simple Sugars skincare line of beauty products was an absolute godsend. Not only does it work better than anything else on the market, it does so without any irritating chemicals mixed in.


When you see sharks throwing down on one another, constantly one upping each other in an effort to try and do a deal, you know you have a runaway home run on your hands. That’s exactly what Megan Cummins had happened when she rolled out her “paper soap” line of products. A total game changer in every sense of the word, and a product that is going to redefine the space.


Even if they look like a really “out there” boy band, four brothers were able to captivate all of the sharks – and do a deal with Barbara – when they brought they are organic avocado oil and botanical extract line of skin care products to the sharks. So far they’ve been really cleaning up thanks to their partnership with this shark.


Another super success, Barbara Lampugnale was able to bundle together nail polish, nail remover, and a nail file all in one little combination pack – and now this beauty supply is sold in all major retailers around the country and on QVC.


All right, all right. Not all of my Shark Tank favorites are game changers in the traditional sense of the word, but this was one of those wacky products that I don’t think I’ll ever forget about it. If the Skinny’s Instant Lift team didn’t do a great job on the show (and warrant able to walk out with a deal), but their website says that they’ve already sold over a million of their products and are in the process of creating more and more to round out their catalog.

Say what you will about their stuff and their “solution”, but selling a million units of ANYTHING is impressive!

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